Why Invest in Gwadar?

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Introduction / About

The word “Gwadar” is a combination of two Balochi words—”Gwat” (wind) and “Dar” (gateway). The literal meaning of Gwadar is the “gateway of wind”.

Gwadar is a historic port city of Pakistan situated on the northern coastline of the Arabian Sea opposite the Gulf of Oman. Pakistan’s complete southern end comprises the Arabian Sea coastline extending right from the eastern border with India to the western border with Iran. Gwadar port is located at the extreme west of Pakistan’s coastline and is part of the Gwadar District of the Balochistan province. Gwadar is a largely flat barren land with two hills, the Koh-e-Batil (maximum height 449 ft.) at the head of the Hammerhead Peninsula and Koh-e-Mehdi (maximum height 1,112 ft.) to the East of the city.

Gwadar’s location and history have given it a unique blend of culture. The Arabic influence upon Gwadar is strong because of its proximity to the Arabian Peninsula across the Arabian Sea. Because Gwadar has remained under the influence of Oman, the legacy of the Omanis is visible in the local Makrani population who trace their lineage to Afro-Arabs and Zanj slaves. These slaves settled in the town during Omani rule. The Makrani culture has an Arabic dance and music called Liwa which originates from the Arabian Peninsula.

CPEC & The Gwadar Supremacy

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts.

China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is one of the flagship projects of One Belt, One Road via which China aims to interact with the world at large for trade through the Maritime Silk Road and Silk Road Economic Belt. China envisioned Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in 2013 and since then it is being pursued resolutely.

Like highlighted earlier, CPEC is the core project of China’s Initiative as it provides the shortest route for trade to China with the Middle East, Central Asia, Europe, and Africa. As part of CPEC, China aims to connect Kashghar in the North-western region of China with Gwadar port in Balochistan via a land route comprising highways, railways, and natural gas and oil pipelines. CPEC is a $62 billion mega economic project that was officially launched in 2015.

The project will be completed in four phases which comprise:

Phase 1: Early Harvest Projects (2015 to 2018)

Phase 2: Short Term Projects (2018-2020)

Phase 3: Medium Term Projects (2020-2025)

Phase 4: Long Term Projects (2025-2030)

Location Advantages

It is important to mention here that Gwadar holds a huge geo-economic significance because of its location near International Sea Lines of Communication and that is why the development of Gwadar holds a central position in the overall project of CPEC. A huge chunk of developmental projects in CPEC is related to Gwadar and both China and Pakistan are collaborating under the recently prepared Gwadar Master Plan to turn the city into a regional hub for trade through the actualization of Gwadar port.

At present, Dubai is the major trading hub in the region. Gwadar, because of having the deepest seaport of the region and its absolute and relative location on land, is seen as the most suitable port city for the overall One-Belt One-Road. Gwadar has thus been planned to take over as the commercial and trading hub of the region once its development is completed. It will be the future trading and transshipment center far outreaching the existing port cities.

Gwadar has not only regional significance but carries a lot of lucrative investment opportunities for local investors across Pakistan. Because the city is at the cusp of becoming a regional trade hub, Gwadar is thereby bound to have absolute attention with regards to its amenities, ease of access, heavy industrial and business presence. It is becoming a highly sought-after location for investors across Pakistan. What more could a Pakistani business person ask for in terms of the most suitable location for establishing or expanding one’s business? A location within the home country that is at the crossroads of the trading routes of Global Economies.

If you are interested to buy a residential or commercial plot in Gwadar; want to buy land in Gwadar or curious to know about property prices in Gwadar, feel free to contact Rafi Group which is one of the most trusted land developers in the real estate sector across Pakistan since 1978. Rafi Group is the pioneer land developer in the property sector across Gwadar that set up a premium housing project, which is Green Palms Housing Project, in heart of Gwadar to contribute to the development of Gwadar with the best living infrastructure. The housing project offers the best opportunity for local investors to invest in Gwadar’s property with multiple returns on investment.

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Gwadar Master Plan

The small port town of Gwadar, in the south-west of Pakistan, is at the central stage of the $50 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project, a flagship project of China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Under CPEC, Gwadar is to be developed into a smart port city and will be not only a major commercial port but also a developed urban center in its own right.

Gwadar Master Plan, prepared by Chinese state-owned company China Communications Construction Company in conjunction with Pakistan’s Minister of Planning, Development & Reform and Gwadar Development Authority, chalks out an elaborate road map and plan on how Gwadar is to become the trade and economic hub of South Asia with a GDP per capita of $15,000 – 10 times that of Pakistan’s average. Moreover, as per the Master Plan, the GDP of Gwadar will increase to $30 billion by 2050 and produce 1.2 million jobs.

The Gwadar Master Plan envisions wide city and suburban roads, shopping malls, hotels, recreation ventures, world-class education, and health facilities alongside top-class industry and business infrastructure. Gwadar will have convenient global access by road, rail, air, and sea as well as cutting-edge Telecommunication Infrastructure connected to the Global Information Super-Highway. In short, Gwadar is undoubtedly a “Global Smart City” in the making.


When one thinks of a vacation, the first image that comes to mind is that of the Sun, Sand, and the Sea. Now add Gwadar to the image and you have a perfect vacation spot that surpasses many of the world-famous cities with sea resorts. Imagine a long drive on the coastal highway leading to Gwadar, stretching for hundreds of miles along the coastline! Imagine a string of unsymmetrical mud hills and beautiful beaches along the way! Imagine an adventure of desert safari and thrilling sand skating! Imagine a desert night camping along with music and shisha! Imagine personalized snapshots of Gwadar’s mud hills, deserts, beaches, deep sea, natural landscaping, wide roads, markets, local culture, mega constructions, other places of significance and so much more!

Marine / Water Sports

With the immense volumes of economic activity expected, Gwadar landscape in proximity to the sea indulges one to muse about a variety of Marine and Water Sports possibilities. Imagine a close-up of water birds folk, creating a scenic view over the marine landscape of Gwadar! Imagine the fun of blue water sports and deep-sea fishing! Imagine every kind of water sports in the likes of water polo, diving, swimming, sailing, rowing and sculling, canoe-kayak, flat-water racing, water skiing, surfing, scuba diving. In short, it will eventually be a marine and water sports heaven in the least.

Tourist Destination

It’s a given that the location in which people choose to spend their precious vacation time speaks volumes about what they value very highly. Gwadar, by this criterion, is foreseen to become the world’s most extensively visited tourist sites in the coming years.